Things Get Painted: Sarah the Vampire Hunter

I left it late to enter a local painting comp, and needed something quick to do this weekend. With a theme of "heroes", I was going to do an SDE figure and leave it at that, but I started digging through my old metals when I found the mini I needed.

Sarah, Vampire Hunter. It's an old CMON mini, and I always wanted to do a scenic base for her. Granted, I didn't have the time to do what I wanted, but this was an action out of necessity, and if I didn't do something now, I probably never would...

I used an old mdf disc as the base, and started by drilling a hole for her feet close the the edge. The background would be a grave with uneven ground. I puttied the grave in first, and added an mdf headstone, then more putty for support. I added spots of putty over the base to make the ground uneven. I also added a Secret Weapon skull in the ground as something to break up the "just ground" feeling. I then used Sandy paste for the grave, and pumice paste for the rest.

This took about 6 hours, which for me is a productive afgernnon, the most I've painted in months, and a pretty quick job! The longest prep time was actually cutting her base from her feet to add her to the display during prep time. The base was basically drybrush and wash steps, but a few different flock and basing materials make it look more interesting, I feel.

Better pics will follow, but I'm happy with how she turned out. Not the moonlit scene I originally envisioned her with, but fun all the dame!


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