Things Get Played - "I just keep attacking the statue"

So, as a warning, this post is mainly text...

I've posted a few times about my dnd game. I'm still having fun, and have another two games lined up, plus big plans for the future for it. But I wanted to post briefly on the fact I rapidly lose control of my story in game, and I really like it!

My players have been (with good intention) taking control of the games for a while now. I plan the plot less and less, and they fill in the blanks with no issue. They usually come up with some idea I didn't have, and watching it unfold is great.

Two games ago, I had them fighting under a lake against some mercenaries who were feeding arcane energy to a giant dragon corpse frozen in ice, which from here will be referred to as "the statue". They had already run the game off the rails early on with a great outcome, and there were some cool character moments as well. Now the fighting had begun, I lowered my guard.

The final fight was the outcome of the arcane offering was a shadow dragon being summoned into the room. As a last minute piece of flavour, I described the energy which had previously been generating shadows on the edge of the room (with magical effects they never tried!), now tethering the shadow dragon to the statue. A few rounds in, the wizard player has been thinking, and starts asking questions:

"The statue and the dragon are linked by some kind of magic, right?"
"Yeah, the shadows stretch out from the statue to the roof, then down into the dragon's back."
"OK. I'll try something. I cast a spell at the statue. I get a (high 20s or so roll) vs reflex."
(I have no stats for the statue, but I'm pretty sure it's reflex would be terrible. Statues probably use dex as their dump stat.)
"Huh. OK. It hits the stream, gets absorbed, travels along, and slams into the dragon."
(Insert the group being happy here)

For the rest of the fight, Miri continued using anything which attacks reflex against the dragon. It was impressive. It was fun. And, truth be told, his rolls probably would have hit the dragon anyway. I know some people might have not allowed this, but I like seeing where people take these ideas, and it was a cool idea. And we aren't playing for money, so who cares if the statues reflex is 10?

Anyway, next game I lost control completely, and they killed an NPC I had plans for. That is probably my next post ..


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