Things Get Painted - Iron Maiden

I got this painted up last night in about an hour. It's a fun bit of terrain for any dungeon crawl I run in the future, and a pretty straight forward model to paint up as well.

A few people had asked how I painted it up, so I figured I'd run through it quickly on here. All paints mentioned are reaper paints.

The entire model was painted Muddy Soil. I thin base coated the metal with a mix of Antique Gold and Leaf Green. I drybrushed with Antique Gold, the Antique Gold and Honed Steel. I added a bit more Honed Steel to pick out edges and the top of bolts. I lined any deep marking with Muddy Soil. I washed with Muddy Soil as well to add a bit of depth back to the larger panels.

The verdigris was a mix of Leaf Green and Dragon Blue, brushed into the gaps where water would gather, and brushed some large steaks running down the panels. I then added more Pale Green, then Pure White for subsequent streaks. I also painted the eyes on these colours, then a wash of Leaf Green and Muddy Soil to age it some more.

The base was painted with Muddy Soil, with the stones picked out with Shadowed Stone, then Weathered Stone. The base edge was painted with Pure Black.

So there you have it, a quick write up of how I painted the Iron Maiden!


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