Things Get Painted - The Queens Return

So I had these minis, and the feeling I should paint them...

Titania was the first model painted, as she was the one I was looking forward to the most. The red became a lot stronger than I expected, but I did like the overall look.

I also painted her base before the model. I ended up using a few light glazes of purple and green among the rocks. One thing I really like was a brown wash between the stones. It made it look old and dirty, and broke up the boring grey quite well.

I quickly painted Aeslin's base as well. I wanted to establish the colour of the vines on the bases, as I knew that would likely carry onto other models as well.

The Gorar was next. I quite liked the model, but painting it was a bigger challenge than I expected. I ended up lining every scale, spine, and protrusion, which took a long time.

One change I made to my plan was the tail fading from red to black. It isn't as smooth as I would have liked, but is pretty good for a tabletop model, I feel.

The base was green stuff I textured up to look a bit rough, and painted the same way as stonework. It would fully fit in until later in the process.

I painted the Autumn Knights next. Because they were similar, I painted them in a batch. The green skin I used as brighter than I wanted, but I decided to work with it anyway. I may have to use it on pecs in the future.

After The Gorar, I also latched onto the idea of a colour transition on the weapons. So the sword, whips, and spear handle all fade from green to purple. I was quite pleased with the end result.

Finally, Aeslin was painted. At this point, I had a few hours to go, and drybrushed a lot of the texture. While I like the overall design of the model, I found it very fiddly to paint, and it is precariously glued to the base.

Finally, the gang was all assembled for a group photo, and submitted a few hours before the competition ended. There was one final thing I added though at a later point, as I couldn't find the right items initially.

I found my silflor vines about a week later, and added some to the bases. During this, I found some leaves had come loose, so glued them on individually onto threaded. It was really quite relaxing!

So after this, I'm taking a short break from painting malifaux for a bit. I have a plan on what I'll paint next, but I want to get a few other projects sorted first. Until then, I'm looking forward to getting a chance to use these on the table.


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