Things Get Painted - Reaper Statue

This is a quick post, but a fun one. After sitting down for painting night and not being able to paint the goblins I was working on, I tried an idea I've had in mind for a while.

I have a bunch of bones minis from kickstarters, capsule machines, and just buying them. But some of them I have an idea for, then lose the thought. Others I think are OK, but I'll not get a chance to do the big grand thing I want. Others were part of a bundle, and I feel I want to work on something other than that. What do you do with the extras? Well, statues are pretty quick...

The model above is about an hour of work. Glued onto two mdf bases, I sprayed it black and painted the model bronze. After some washes, dry brushing, and attempted verdigris, I painted the stone plinth, added some static grass, and called it done.

It's not the most exciting paint job. It's pretty rushed, and I'm not overly happy with most of it. But it's some terrain. And now that I have done this, I plan on having enough to make a statue garden. That could be fun for with a tabletop piece of terrain, or a DND encounter. And the best part is, bones models are a few dollars for some heroic looking models. I might even have some bigger ones in mind...


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