Ture - Night Goblin Boss

This guy has been finished for a few weeks, but I hadn't posted pics of him anywhere until tonight, as I was waiting for him to arrive in Sweden, where he was sent as an exchange. Anyway, this is a Night Goblin Boss (Named Ture by his new owner).

I wanted to do some darker clothes with lighter skin to make the face and hands stand out, and also put him on a barren base so he was a display model, but not overly complicated.

And, as always, links:

CMON: http://coolminiornot.com/250077
MyModelCase: http://www.mymodelcase.com/miniatures/view/198


  1. That's a brilliant piece mate. I love the idea of the skulls on top of the rocks. It's like they're keeping him company or something. :)


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