Back again with random things...

So my original plan of painting hard and getting stuff done for Little Wars never panned out. In fact, I haven't painted anything for months. But I've been meaning to post these photos for a while now and keep forgetting. So here are some random pics...

First, my self-bought birthday presents! I needed new brushes, and there were some models I had my eye on for a while which I thought I should get at the same time. SO I bought myself:

A set of Doctor Who and Firefly models from Heresy. In fact, I bought two of each. Obsessive behaviour is a killer some times... Still, now I have Doctor Whos and Kaylees, and also a Ghostbusters demon dog thing. And now I have these Who miniatures, it's not going to be long before I end up grabbing a few of the others I have seen floating around :)

New brushes! I was holding out for a while to get a set of W&N7's, but these are Kaple brushes which I was recommended. I really love these brushes. I honestly can't believe I have been using cheap brushes for so long.

On top of that, I have made some small levels of progress on:

My Dark Elf Blood Bowl team. It will slowly be built out of corsairs, all of them holding weapons (Because surely every player has one, they just don't wave it around with as much confidence as these guys).

And the Necromancer. Slowly, I'm working this guy towards being finished. Hopefully one day he will be.


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