It's not obsessive compulsive behaviour: It's just a collection... (Part 2)

So, after the speed I put together the capsule toys, I thought I should at least peek at the other models I got...

Because what every single man needs in his life are giant robots...
Anyway, one of the things I thought was pretty good after I got these kits home was what I saw on the side of the box:

Miniatures! I wasn't 100% impressed with the paint job on the displayed ones, but they looked like they were OK details, and I wasn't expecting them, so it was a nice surprise. I thought I would open the box (I'm not planning to put these together for a while as I need to get stuff ready for Golden Demon in a few months) to see what it was like inside:

At this point I'm thinking that it's going to be a slightly more advanced assembly that the capsule toys. No surprise really. After flicking through the instructions (Which are in Japanese, which will no doubt be fun) it seems clear that I am going to have paint a few pieces in order to get the right colour scheme as it points out a few suggested colours in places where the plastic colours won't match the show. And then I find these:

At first I thought the details seemed a bit large, but I realised that the models are larger than I'm used to painting, so that should be OK. However, they are also unpainted, which means I get to try painting them myself! This was a happy surprise! So that was the end of my kit adventures, but not the end of the NGE loot...

At yet ANOTHER booth, there was an anime store with some items, and more NGE stuff (as well as Pokémon stuff, but that's another addiction). I picked up and End of Evangelion set of the three pilots as portrait models, and then saw a few more in the cabinet in front. Thinking I could spend a lot of money in a short period of time, I got the one that drew my eye the most:

Rei in bandages is probably more recognisable than when she is in other costumes, but this looked really cool. It's another pop together model (I'm getting used to these) and for some reason contained something I can only assume is bubblegum (Although I'm not eating it) in individual wrapping. Not only is the model cool, but the base is a nice plastic NERV logo which I thought was nice use of a round area.

Anyway, I'm off. I need to go paint some things, and possibly unwrap more stuff from Supanova...


  1. I think a lot of people looked by it as it isn't really shown in the series, so it's not as familiar as some of the others.


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