More Neon Genesis fun!

My sister decided while she was visiting this weekend that she wanted to go shopping down the road while she was visiting, and I ended up playing the driver. Not that it's too bad, as it meant I got to go and have a look in HobbyCo. After getting some NGE stuff from there before, I wanted to have a look at the Eva unit models they had in stock to see if there was anything interesting. They seem to be similar to the ones I got previously, but on the way out I noticed some NGE mini-model things. There were three series, and looked like characters from the @School range. I ended up going back and grabbing three of them.

One thing I wasn't overly joyed with was that they are blind boxes, so you can't pick what you are getting. Which for me means that I will probably ended up getting one model from the end of the collection, and then end up buying ten of the same figure in a row before I get the one I want. Luckily it's not like they are $20 each, but I was still expecting to get either three identical figures, or a bunch of dud ones. I cracked open the first box:

Rei! And some giant piece I wasn't too sure about at first. I few moments later I realised that in the range of nine figures displayed, there are ten to collect. So five of them have parts to clip together to form some Eva style machine.

These models go straight onto the base! Last time I got NGE models from HobbyCo I had to clip three or four pieces together. These are near instant. And they are slightly pose-able:

Not only that, but the instruction leaflet inside has some kind of comic strip in it:

...Trouble being that I have no understanding of Japanese in any form, so I have no idea what's happening. Anyway, I decided to go through the other boxes to see what I got:

Not bad! Two Rei's and a Kaworu. The second Rei didn't come with parts for the larger kit, but had a heap of extras including a second head, and is in some kind of mass-produced Eva unit costume! I think it's pretty cool just because it's so strange! And this is what I have of the larger kit so far:

So at the moment my luck has held out a bit, and I get to build this part of the unit from the ground up!


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