The Doctor!

OK, so since the last post, time sought of dragged on. I got nothing extra done for demons (I managed to break the Dreadlord), and everything went downhill from there. Last Saturday, MOAB was on, and I put together some Tyranid Warriors to take with me to paint on the day. I remembered pretty quickly how frustrating I find it to paint Tyranids with all their plating, so lost interest pretty quickly. I saw some pretty neat bases there, so decided that I would get some on Sunday, and get another model based on one of them just to see what they were like. I had an idea for a while to do one of my 10th Doctor miniatures (See Here) on a cobblestone base. There was one which was nearly exactly what I was looking for in a pack of five, and that was the kick start I needed to paint him. Saturday I cleaned him up, Sunday I did no painting, and for the past few days I have been itching to get things done around the flat in order to convince myself I have time to paint him. A few nights ago I did the base while messing around with stippling, and oil washes again (I'm coming to relay on those for these kind of things). Today I did a few hours on The Doctor himself:

The base needs to have the edge repainted, but I am very happy with the stonework. I also have a little extra to go on the base, but I am keeping that under wraps for now as I am not sure how well it will work. As for the model itself:

I'm not exactly in the right mood to get a good shot of this guy at the moment. One thing hampering me is that the face is so flat when painted that it looks a bit boring. THe rest of the model seems OK to paint, but the face isn't interesting unless you are looking at it from an angle instead of straight on. I'll note that the blue suit is not yet finished: It is just the base colours to get the pinstripes in place. And the coat colour will be changed. I was trying to find a good colour of yellow/brown earlier and though this would work, but it is far too bright and cartoony for what it is meant to be.


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