Space Aliens!

A quick update of random WIPs:

First, The Doctor! This is his '3rd regeneration', as he's already been overpainted and also stripped back before reaching this stage. The shading on his suit is done, so I just need to do highlights and pinstripes on it, and then I can move on to other things:

Also, some Tyranid Warriors. Only the blue is done on them. I still have to figure out what to do with them when I am finished. I;m not too keen on selling them as has been suggested, but I'm not really playing games with them. I'm inclined to just collect them piece by piece until I have a full army, and maybe in a few years I will get back into the games.

And finally, the result of spare bits and blutack, producing what may one day be an open entry when I want a good laugh: Rocket Tau!


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