New display cabinet! And trophies!

For the past few months, Andrew (Blog) has been convincing me to get a Detolf from IKEA in order to get all my miniatures on display. Previously, they were in a perspex cabinet, but also sat all over the top of my TV cabinet, slowly collecting dust. After Games Day, sometime during MOAB, I decided to get one of these marvellous items. A good indicator towards it was that I helped assemble one, and while it was a bit tough not having done it before, they are really good cabinets, especially with a gap pre-built in it to fit a light.

So the weekend after, and early trip was made to the home of Swedish furniture hobby kits, and with Andrew's help, it was assembled, filled, and became my new favourite thing.

One advantage was that over the previous few weekends, I had also acquired some shiny new trophies to display in the cabinet:

From left to right, front to back, a silver and two bronzes from OzPainters Open in Melbourne, a 2nd place Large Model from MOAB, and two Golden Demons for LOTR Single and LOTR Unit.

So now I had a nice new home for my new trophies, and had to mix them all in with my models:

The top shelf, with my newest trophies, and some of my entries and favourite models. The stepped perspex stands are from Aetherworks.

Second shelf with the first trophies I won from New England Hobbies about eight years ago when I was at Uni, and some more of my favourite models.

Third shelf, with my Orc and Goblin army.

The bottom shelf, or 'holding cell'. Everthing that was hard to fit elsewhere has gone down here, and it has also been the shelf I use when switching models around to try to make a bit more sense of all of this.

Strangely enough, I have room next to this one. And it would be good to have a second Detolf for extra storage, and room to put new things...

I've also got some closeups of various bits of the cabinet:

The demons in their new home, although they are currently on display in Parramatta (And I've managed to break my LOTR single one :(

My OzPainters Open trophies, as well as a few models, including my Orc Warboss from a few Golden Demons ago

Eowyn standing guard in front of a few previous Golden Demon entries.

Farmer Maggot on his new handling base.

So that's that! My shiny new cabinet things!


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