Things Get Opened - GW Battle of Five Armies

In case you haven't guessed it by now, I'm a nerd. Two of the things I enjoy nerding out about are miniatures and The Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit. Therefore GW can sucker me in to a third of their range by generally shaking a blister pack at me (Store managers have tested this theory and it works...). A few weeks ago, in an attempt to get a few LOTR models I have had my eye on for a while before they ended up going to Finecast, I ordered some things, and while I was at it, got The Battle of Five Armies.

So, I figured that the best use for it at the moment is to photograph it as I open it. Because, let's face it, odds of me actually playing the game are low, and it will be a while until I paint any of these. So on to the photos!

The box is rather deep, even for a GW game. There was a moment of "Why is this needed?", but I remembered what is actually in the box:

Miniatures galore! Sprues and sprues and sprues and sprues and sprues! The box contains the five armies from The Hobbit, as well as characters. From what I have been told, it plays a lot like Warmaster, but I've never looked at the rules, so I can't actually confirm that... However, all models are Warmaster size, and I'm looking forward to getting a small army painted at some point :)



Eagles. They have some nice basing bits to have them hovering over the base.

Elves with bows. More arrows are always good.


Men with spears

Warg Riders. I can send out my Warg Riders. Or the 28mm ones I have. Which I still haven't painted...

Men with bows. More arrows. More arrows.

Spear elves. Pointy ears with pointy sticks.

Ruins. These are actually pretty cool for the scale they are at

The characters. These are pretty good, except there are a few ...questionable designs...

For instance... why does Gandalf has a duck? I don't recall that in the source material...

There are also other things in the box:

Dice! Yeah, because, yeah, I'm sure I use D6's an awful lot now...

Bases! These I will use. Slowly...

This is the rest of the box with what remains. Yep, there are still things remaining in there...

Hill kits (Or at this scale, mountain kits)! I've painted this before. These are pretty cool terrain pieces. Now I have four, I can make a freestanding hill! Yes, I am actually excited about this!

River sections. These are pretty good. Solid card stock, and decent detail, and the book they are in allows for a really big stretch of river to be made.

The book. Nice art and so on. I'm sure the rules are good.


  1. The duck next to Gandalf is a raven. ;)

  2. I think is the bird that tells where is the soft spot in Smaug´s armor. A thrush is the wiki is correct.


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