Things Get Painted - Aetherworks Houses

I've been slack, and have been trying to get a blog post ready for Thursday last week when I wanted it to go up, but instead have been dragging my feet. So here is a late post, and hopefully after this I will be back on target.

Aetherworks! I've done a WIP on one of their houses in the past, and will be finishing it in the future (I have to do some modifications to it first, hehehe). However there were a few still floating around here, and they all seemed to be in a half-finished state. After painting one at Cancon, and seeing the display Andrew and Rob did, I wanted to try to finish some of mine off. So here they are:

Arcane Supplies:

The main work on this was done by Andrew, so all I did was paint the roof and sign on this one.

Seamstress (Hem hem):

The Seamstress was done up with corrugated cardboard to look like corrugated metal roofing. The Arcane supply roof was painted black, drybrushed silver, then had rust applied. This one though had the roof painted orange/brown, drybrushed orange, then drybrushed metal.

Lovett's Pies:

Lovett's Pies was me having a bit of fun with the store name. I have a few other fun ones in mind, but I got two walls painted and decided that I needed a pie shop in town. I need a Barber to go with it at some point as well :) The roof was done up with some cardboard tiles and drybrushed black through to grey with a few washes midway through.

The Seamstress and Lovett's Pies are on Cool Mini (I didn't put the Arcane Supplies up as it wasn't my work alone):
Lovett's Pies

I have some plans for the Steamfitters Union, but after throwing the idea around with a few people, the plans have gotten bigger, and it's going to be a more involved project :D

You can see some other examples of Aetherworks houses at these links as well:

And here
And there are these
This one
And some here

And after seeing the town, I wanted to mess around with my buildings as well:

Yeah, they're all looking too shadily at the Seamstress' for my liking...


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