Things Get Painted - Lilith

Time to get back to these mini photos! This one is Lilith, the Master of the crew I have been showing off lately, and one of the few Masters I have been genuinely scared of when I started learning to use them!

Lilith is the Mother of Monsters, and one of the more fearsome powers within the Neverborn faction. Taking the place of her sister, Nekima, who should have been in control of the Nephilim when the humans were first pushed back through The Breach, she has a pretty nasty reputation. 

One of my first times using her, I was in a situation I hadn't been in before: I'd been reading up on her crew casually for well over a year knowing I was interested in playing them, so I already knew a few of the tricks. 

She worked a bit better than expected, and I'm almost lucky that I didn't take her in a grow list. Admittedly, the board was laid out as a large crossroads, but it allowed her to dictate a large swath of the board as off-limits, and quickly dispose of a few powerful opponents. 

I'm planning on adding more to the crew at some point soon, specifically a Black Blood Shaman and a box of Nephilim, as well as some Waldgeists. I really like the flexibility of the crew, as well as the hitting power that a few pieces can deliver which aren't usually expected. 

Voting links for those interested:

Next up though, I need to get the photos of Teddy done...


  1. Looking very nice, man! Original painting scheme, and the crew really looks good together!
    Also Lilith is a great fun master to play :)

    I am following your blog now :)

  2. Thanks Eusier! I hope you enjoy the stuff I post in the future as well :)


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