Things Get Painted - Rackham Familiar of Dark

Just a quick post for this little model!  This was a mini I painted for the 6th OzPainters Challenge, with the theme of Dark. Initially I wanted to do it as a graveyard scene, but while I was hunting for bits I found a plinth I had got from Weisern on OzPainters a few years ago. I wanted this to be a quick job, so I just did some plain texture on top and painted the model.

I initially wanted to paint it took look like a moonlit scene, but it quickly moved towards a blue-tinted black and white scene. This was also my first time trying out NMM in a more serious fashion, and I think I am getting slightly better at it, but also have a way to go. The scythe was a good area to practice on though, as it let me get a chance to try this on a large flat surface and blend something a bit more, which I haven't done in a while. 

It's also the first Rackham mini I have ever painted, so it's a small item on my painting bucket list ticked!

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