Things Get Built AND Things Get Painted - The English, The Ooze, and The Eerie...

I've been busy yet again, bit I've managed to start getting into more of a routine, which means more hobby! This is the most recent progress at my desk...

First off, ALL THIS TEAM YANKEE! This is a Charlie's Chieftains box I got just before the end of the year. I magnetised the turrets, but need to go back and green stuff them for more security. This will be a basic tabletop army, but construction wise, there are very few mould lines to clean over the entire box. I really appreciate that this took a few hours, but it was so much less time that if I had to clean each individual track.

A gelatinous cube was built as well. I already had one done, but after finding the one I thought I lost, I figured I should put it together. I plan on doing a few glazes in places to make details stand out, but these are always fun to use, especially when they swallow the healer.

So why not two?

Finally, these two little Flameskulls. One gave my dnd group some trouble a few games ago, then two almost caused a TPK (Thank Sehanine for the fire resistant rogue). After that, I decides I needed proper models of them. They were both made with some old metal GW skulls pinned to a 20mm MDF base with florists wire.

These were both painted with a few washes over white, the bases coated in GW Agrellan Earth, washed with Africa Earthshade, drybrushed near the skull in an appropriate colour, and washed again. The intent was to give a slight coloured tint for a tabletop version of OSL. It may or may not have worked. But I'm happy with them, and ready to launch them at the arty again soon!


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