Things Get Built and Things Get Painted - There will be green!

I'm still building a lot of stuff, but also painting stuff as well. I seem to have hit a point where I can slow down building and paint more, which will be good to ease back into.

I've been planning out my Waldgeists for Malifaux. I wanted the bayou bases to match my Lilith crew, but for models with such a wide stance and large areas covering the base, it was tricky to fit them on 'as is'. Because of this, I had to make some additions with green stuff for them to balance out a bit. I've also had to pin various parts. If I assembled the base, painting the water under the dock would be tricky. And the base would be obscured with the model on top.

Because of this, the plan is to have two or three assemblies to paint: the bases, the docks, and the minis themselves. I can then pin them all together.

I picked this up from Iron Wind Metals a few years ago at Gencon. I figured it would be worth doing up on a 50mm base to use for DnD terrain, and also a summoning portal in Skulldred. It should be fun and quick.

I be also got my Chieftans close to being finished, planning on finishing them this evening! It's all done now bar the decals, and possibly some more pigments for weathering. This project has taught me how to paint camo, and also made me realise I'm not a fan of painting it. I'm happy with them at a tabletop level though.

And, finally, this will probably figure into my plans at some point. I'm looking forward to painting these, and already have a few basing ideas. We'll see what kind of time I can put into them first though.


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