Things Get Painted - WIP Arcanist Assets

I decided to get some painting in last night, in an effort to get some Malifaux minis ready for a few possible games today.

I built the Steam Arachnids a while ago, and knew I had a Soulstone Miner tucked away, so I got them all prepped up. I didn't like the prospect of pinning the spiders to Ghost Town bases like the rest of my Rail Crew, as I didn't think there would be a connection point.

Using some slate chips, plastic cacti, and green stuff, I textured the bases and pressed the spiders in. I also textured the gap between the Miner's base insert and base. I filled the areas I need texture roughly with lumps of green stuff, then attacked it with the knife point of a sculpting tool.

I had lost the notes for the Rail Crew paint scheme, so needed to try to match it. I'll also probably use these kind of bases as opposed to the Ghost Town bases, which are in short supply now. Eventually, I suspect that if there are other consistent models which are close to the right scheme, everything will work together...


Eventually, I only got the Miner finished. I'm not 100% happy with it, but it will do for the tabletop. I do have to mix a few things later though, which is why it's still WIP. After putting an oil wash into the mini, I lifted the paint in places. It's patched up, but obvious in normal light, so I have to do a few more washes to fix it up later.

But for now... To the game!


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