The computer is evil and must be punished!

I'm back. I have a few updates to enter into backdated posts from some things i have been up to in the past few weeks, so there will be updates over the next week or so. For the pas week my internet has been slowed to a crawl thanks to me using my download quote without realising it, and now i'm paying the price. To top it off, the condition of my PC has slowly been deteriorating over the past few months, and over the past few days it reached the point where it was incredibly slow, crashing Firfox for no reason, and opening/closing the DVD driver randomly...

So yesterday i decided to do what should have been done a long time ago. And it doesn't involve lighter fluid and the motherboard. I reformatted the PC, and have started from scratch. I'm (carefully) reloading software to make sure i have what i need, so everything at the moment is baby steps. Luckily i have external drives so backup is mostly done without having to think about it (I can't believe i used to back things up onto floppy disks!), but the PC itself still needs to be bought back from the dead. So now i have basic functions of the PC. I'll see how this goes. Hopefully i won't have to redo this for a while...


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