Lego Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures (NDS)

I bought this a few weeks ago, and it has managed to outweigh my enthusiasm for Zelda: Spirit Tracks. I'll admit that I'm a sucker for the Lego games, as it lets me relive my childhood days of playing with Lego without the pain of not cleaning up and getting pieces in my feet.

I'll admit that I'm no Indiana Jones fan, which is why I was hesitant to guy it at first (I don't even think I've managed to see any of the four films from start to finish in one sitting). However I'm definitely not a Star Wars fan, and yet I loved the Lego Star Wars games, so I figured this can't be too bad.

The main thing about these games is that I think they appeal to older gamers base appeals (Play entertaining character, hit things in creative ways, make a mess, and a bit of comedy) as well as the younger level of making a mess with Lego, and not having to clean it up. But the sheer joy in some of it is that there are very few consequences to your actions. If you lose all your hearts, you lose a bit of money with a chance to pick it up again, standing where you died. If you fall down a bottomless hole, you restart safely on the platform, just a little poorer. And as for the 'player 2' character that follows you around, there is the one thing you usually can't do in other games where you have a companion controlled by the game: If the AI starts to annoy you and do the wrong thing, you can hit the other character until they die and disappear, and you aren't punished for it! The amount of times Short Round has got between me and something I'm trying to break tonight and I have just punched through him is very high!

It's fun. I'll play it for a while, and then keep coming back to find new things. And then when I get bored, I'll probably pick a few levels to play over and over again. Now I just need to wait for the Lego Harry Potter...


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