Whee! Smart Max thingies!

I picked up some things I ordered from Smart Max from a friend over the weekend, and I want to paint them NOW! But I need to wait to get other stuff finished first... Until then, some nice photos...

Humpty Dumpty - An awesome model which I have thought looked great since I first saw it, and now I get to paint it! He comes with a tiny pocket watch and candle flame, and the glasses on his face sit out by about 45 degrees... and I didn't think it was possible to cast that kid of thing.

Mei Leung, Opiumancer - This looked fantastic on the screen, and my only regret on seeing it is that I couldn't afford to get the dragon to go with her at the moment. One of her floaty ribbon bits did break on the drive back to my place somehow, but it should be easy to fix up without much trouble... I hope...


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