Paint Klub - Skulltaker

The model due at the end of the month for Paint Klub is Skulltaker. Over the weekend I started working on him, or at least, the base:

All the pieces lined up and ready for assembly

The original plan for how the steps would be laid out.

I knocked the pieces and they formed a spiral shape, so I thought that would be more fun. Wait for it...

The base goes together - HORRIBLY! Turns out I got the angles wrong, and the middle step wasn't nearly large enough for the model to be in scale (I've learned since I painted the Jester model) so it was back to the original plan...

Back to reliable ol' Plan A. How I missed you...

A bit of Tamiya putty around the edges to blend the layers together a bit (It will be fixed up properly later) and some pipes in place...

The piece connected to the base itself. I need to run some putty around the edges and then sand it back to blend it together.

Skulltaker! Or, part of him. Just to get a feel of how he looks on the base. The plan is to have blood fountaining out of the pipes, brass plates for the flooring (The classic Khorne scheme in other words). Then again, the plan was to have a spiral staircase as well...


  1. I'm always amazed at your ability to cut perfectly rounded pieces of plasticard!


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