Little boxes, how I love thee...

Over the last few years I have become rather good at keeping things in boxes. And in the event of them already being in boxes, I tend to take the things and put them in ziplock bags which are then grouped up and placed in... other boxes!

And on this occasion, I bought some airtight containers a while ago, with no real intention beyond 'I will find a use for them at some point'...

These boxes hold my current gaming gear. On the left is my DnD box. It has my character's model and my dice (Oh, so many dice), as well as some tokens. On the right is my Malifaux Pandora crew (Minus Teddy, but he is too big, so travels in his own box), as well as a box for my Malifaux cards, tokens, stat cards and tape measure.

After years of playing Warhammer, and having to fit boxes into bags and cart around an army as well as books, guides, dice, rulers etc, these boxes are a welcome change. Now if I want to go somewhere for a game, I can put the boxes I need in a bag with a rulebook or two, and I'm off. It does mean I'm left with the sense that I forgot something. Years of doing two trips to a car to load up everything I need has left me with the impression that when I go somewhere and all I need is sitting on the floor of the car in front of the passenger seat, I must have forgotten something...

Also on the topic of Dnd: DICE!

I bought some new dice yesterday. This was needed because my old dice hated me. They could attack decently enough, but in the last game they never hit when needed, and failed to spot things that were required. I've got a Perception bonus of +9, and rolled a 1 on something like 3 occasions in the last game, one of them being during a crucial test. So new dice were needed:

These dice haven't been used yet, and I've made a point not to handle them unless I needed to pick the single one out of the barrel of dice. I'm getting superstitious of gaming dice again. These were all picked out because they are pretty dice, and Hwesta (My character) seems to spend her free time obsessed with her reflection (That's the only thing I can think of for those disc rolls), so I'm hoping she does better with these dice.


  1. We need to christen your dice soon! Unfortunately not in a game of Malifaux...

    Are you going to do a Hwesta update?

  2. Yep, Hwesta is scheduled for tomorrow. No improvement on the paint job yet though.


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