Wyrd - Copycat Killer

OK, this guy has a bit of a story, and it goes like this:

Andrew (Numbat::In Miniature) came round to do some painting one night, and asked if I was interested in painting up some bases he had. Because they were cobblestones, some kind of street dwellers seemed to fit right with them, but I had to find some first. Malifaux models seemed the way to go, in part because I have so many of them. After about an hour (I had no idea where to look first), I found Seamus and the Copycat Killer, and thought they would be good. I got them both cleaned up, and started painting them that night. The plan was to paint them both at once and have them ready at the same time. The next time Andrew asked if I had finished them (About a month later), I was able to say "I finished the bases!". My method of time management is questionable at best...

A while later, I had Seamus done (I just realised I never posted pictures of him or the finished version of Sebastian! I will have to fix that shortly!), but only the skintones and a bit of the hair done on the Copycat. He sat on the desk for a while, staring at me in a dangerous fashion. A murderous leprechaun is a scary thing to have staring at you, so I ended up finishing him.

I've taken him to a few painting meetups and things like that. Standing next to Seamus, he looks pretty good I think. However people see the two of them, and comment that I must have a Resurrectionist crew. My answer for a long time was no. Then about a month ago I realised that I have the Sebastian model, so he could be put into a crew easily. And with a few Rotten Belles, I would have a working force. And of course, since I keep referring to Seamus as an Irish version of Jack the Ripper, and there are three Rotten Belles, I figured that I could do their dresses up as the three colours on the Irish flag. And then all of a sudden the Res. Crew I swore I wasn't collecting seemed to be an inevitable project, so I'm resigned to the fact I'll be painting zombie ladies by the end of the year...

So here are the pictures, and if you want, a CMON link: Here

And a picture with Seamus (Who will have his photos posted in the next few days. I guess I let those updates get out of hand...)

So now I guess I am getting a Res. crew, all because of two psychopathic men in green top hats...


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