Unswerving loyalty to "Weird Al"

Since I was about 12 I have had an unswerving loyalty to "Weird Al" Yankovic's music. This stretches to buying up his older albums when I found them a few years ago without checking if I recognised any songs on the back, stocking up at the merchandise stand at the concert when he was on Sydney a few months ago and no one was around to tell me not to (It was worth it!), to realising not too long ago I can quote large portions of "Vidiot from UHF" from watching it so many times when I was younger the VCR tape wore out. On Friday night I found myself in a karaoke room for a work function, and while everyone else sang "American Pie" I was singing "The Saga Begins" because it's easier for me to remember those lyrics than it is to read the real ones off the screen.

In short, I question very little that he does beyond "How soon can I get this". Although I still need to get my hands on the book he wrote when I get time...

Having said that, at lunch time today I'm trotting down the road to pick up the new album, which I have patiently been waiting for. Or impatiently. Not too sure...

However, new albums mean new video clips, and on Monday this was released:

I *think* some part of the "someone's face edited onto someone else's body" is going to cause me to wake screaming in terror at some point in the next few nights. And to calm myself down, I'm going to end up watching this video again and repeating the cycle. You just haven't lived until you've had a nightmare brought on by watching a strange music video while half asleep and letting it seep into your sub-concious. Or is that just me?

But hey, I'll still buy his next album as well... :)


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