Things Get Painted - Malifaux Lilith Crew

I'm going to start with the group, and then move on to the individuals later on...

This is my Lilith Crew. It's got a bit of fun history, so I might waffle on a bit for this one...

When the first M2E plastics came out, I was circling around the Mother of Monsters box. I'm a Neverborn fan, and I'd read a bit about them. I liked the idea of a Master that could hit hard and control the battlefield. My first foray with Pandora was initially trying to use her as a melee beatstick incorrectly, so this seemed a bit of a sarcastic twist for my initial plan. 

I think I picked the core box up about 6 months after it was released. and it sat around while I considered how to paint it. After Gencon last year, when I painted a Teddy during the speedpaint finals, I decided to grab a Teddy to go with it. Because all Neverborn crews need a Teddy, right?

I grabbed one from the Wyrd booth before leaving, which I'll come back to later. But in all honesty, I've not actually used Teddy much. Of the few games I've had, they are usually small, so I haven't had a reason to get him onto the table, unless it's in a Henchman Hardcore. 

I really liked the idea of a grow list, and using black blood, so this isn't a complete crew yet. I plan on adding a Black Blood Shaman or two to give some strange things Black Blood. And, of course, larger Nephilim and Nekima seem like a must, as well as a few Waldgeist. Then maybe more teddy bears...

So, basically, this crew was started at the beginning of October last year, and ended up getting it done just before PAX Aus in time to be shown off. The airbrush was used a lot on all the models apart from Lilith, who I decided to paint with a standard brush. Looking back, I should have done some airbrushing on the cloak to make it easier, but that's a note for the future.

But the fun thing about these guys? I decided at the last minute to take them to Gencon 2015, as I had no unit entry. My friends at Aetherworks were kind enough to cut a simple display tray for them so that I could move them around a bit easier, even though it was a very last minute request. But luckily for me, they ended up getting second place in the painting competition! This is the first entry to get an overseas award! I probably should have added the Cherub, but it was a bit too fragile for overseas travel I assumed.

...Which basically means that I'm cautious of ever letting them hit the table again. But not too badly...

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll post some closeups of the individual members, so if you are after a closer look, they should be up over the next week or two!

Links to voting sites are:
Putty and Paint
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