Things Get Painted - Barbaros

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the delay getting this one posted. The last few weeks have been a bit distracting. I want to do a write up about PAX, so I'll hopefully get a chance to do that over the weekend. In the meantime here is Barbaros!

Barbaros is Lilith's Henchman in the Mother of Monsters box. Sculpt wise, while I was annoyed at the number of teeth on the giant sword he has, but in the end they weren't that hard to clean up and paint.

He's a bit different to the the other Nephilim, in that fluff wise he is somewhere between a Young and Mature Nephilim, but cannot fly as his wings are stunted.

I really like the skin colour I got on him, but my favourite part was doing the wings. I enjoyed getting a chance to do some kind of natural texture on them.

So that's Barbaros! I've used him in a few games so far, an he tends to be a lot better than most people initially expect, especially when he needs to move enemies around the table. So he's an auto take for me at the moment in Henchman Hardcore lists with Neverborn.

Anyone interested in voting for him on the usual sites, he can be found on Putty&Paint and CMON.


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