Things Get Painted - Dragon Hatchling

Quick pictures of the Reaper Bones Dragon Hatching I finished last night. Tabletop quality, so I haven't fussed doing fancy photos. I have a few more of these to paint, and I'm going to try a few different things with them in the future. Lots of fun for a quick job, and now I have a new tiny friend :D.

Painted using Reaper MSP, Secret Weapon Washes, and Broken Toad brushes.


  1. beautiful paint and I hope your shoulder is better because I know I went to and told him about shoulder pain and he checked I arthritis of my should and the base of my spine both from work .

  2. Thanks Marc! Arm is healing up well, but I've managed to get sick a few times since then with minor things. Should be back with more updates soon!


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