Things Get Painted - Terror Tots

Back again with more photos! This time round are the Terror Tots that I did for my Lilith crew. I'll also talk about what I was doing with the bases and minis a bit during this. 

Terror Tot 1. While these were all painted together, they each gave me a chance to do some things I had not done before. Number 1 gave me a chance to work on some weird curved blades, so I got to mess around with the coloured metallics I was doing in a different circumstance. I also was trying a different way of doing bone colour that I had heard previously from Georc. Mixing two complementary colours like a yellow bone and dark purple (Like I used on the skin) gives a muted colour, so you can fade between the two easily. This let me try working some purple shade into the bone. 

Terror Tot 2. This little guy had a lot of personality, and I specifically remember the face being great fun to paint. The punching daggers he has are also the reason I wanted to do blood effects on the crew. However, due to the shape of the weapons, I was able to justify in my mind no blood splatter, and just have them looking like they were pressed into something bloody.

Terror Tot 3 had a lot of attitude, but the claws on his arms were a fiddly area to clean and paint. At the end of the day I was able to get them done without too much fuss, but they did make me nervous. For the bases of these models, I tried to use a lot of similar colours - either in the basecoats of things like the snake, or using the same highlight colours when working up and down through different colours. With similar skin tones on creatures on the ground, I think the Tots tied into the bases a bit more to emphasise the 'creatures of Malifaux's bayou' feeling I got with them. Also, due to the similar colours, it had the advantage of looking like a dark setting when all was finished, as there were so many cold blue tones in the shadows on both the models and bases.

That's it for the Tot's! The last mini left to photograph for the crew is Teddy, as for some reason I did not take photos at the same time as the rest of the models. However, the next mini posted will be from a different Gencon entry I had - An Imbrian Arts Shrike!


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