Things Get Built - Sedition Wars Samaritans

Alright, so I tried to post this a few months ago, and realised earlier in the week it never went up. So I'm going to post these up here and have a chat about what I remember. In my mind, I'm going to blame the killers I was on when I was meant to post this for it not going up the first time, but in reality I was only on Panadol, so I'm either a liar, weak, or both :D

This was the start of the process, as I built a few of the Samaritans (Or whatever they are, I just kept calling them Samaritans) when they came out of the bags with the Scythe Witches and things from the Strain. These heavy weapons guys caused some confusion at first - I managed to get a mispack where I got an extra body. There was a moment of checking around for the missing parts before I realised what had happened. I'm sure the spare body will be of use one day though. 

These were quick to build models, and they plugged together well. I was using a lot of zip kicker as I did this, and it helped a lot. Like I said in the Strain post, I wasn't cleaning as I went, as I just wanted to get them on the table.

These all got assembled at a friend's place one night while people painted. It does help to feel productive when you have a dozen troops or so ranked in front of you within an hour or so, even if you know they aren't ready to paint. Certainly helps to motivate you through the next stages. 

Finally, the hero characters got assembled. These took a bit longer, and some careful trimming, and when it came time to build the heavy weapon guy (Barker?), there was some confusion on which weapon he had, and how everything went together. It all worked out in the end though!

Now, I just need to get a game in...


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