Things Get Painted - Behind The Scenes Planning

Chatting to friends on the weekend, I mentioned that I had a plan for what projects I was approaching next. As painters, we all have different ways of planning, however I get easily distracted, so I need to do things like this to stay focused. A few months ago, I spent a few dollars on an A4 whiteboard from Daiso and some Command Velcro strips, and mounted this thing on my wall:

The original plan was this. I divide my projects into Army (Low to Middle quality), High quality, and the build projects I need to do. I can list a few things, and if I spot something later I want to do, I add it to the list in red. That way I know to add it to the next list when the current list is complete. You can also see a few time scrawls on the board from when I was doing my final work on the Crossroads 7 a while ago. See how the penmanship degrades? That's sleep deprivation, everyone...

So this has helped me focus a bit better. This is a habit which needs changing, so won't happen instantly. I still work on small projects like Bones every so often, but this has stopped me for the past few months from jumping between what I am working on for the most part.

This is version 1.1 of the board now, with a slightly different layout. I've added a section to list minis I need to photograph, as I want to start trying to release these in one hit for final photos, and also need to catch up with them. I've also added a long term area, mainly for armies that I dip in and out of. Potentially I'd like to view those as year long projects I can do at random. I've changes high standard to comp (competition) standard to keep some projects in mind, but that is the most likely section to change as I get and lose ideas.

Other than that, progress is being made! I'm hoping I can have my painting area and plans fully under my control again by years end!


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