Things Get Built: So Many Things...

I've not been painting much lately, but I've been trying to build a lot of the models sitting at my desk so that I can get them ready for painting. Here's what I've been getting built over the last few weeks...

Mantic Dwarves! OK, so they were half built when I got them, but I've finished building and figured out how they all rank up, and labelled them to save on confusion. I still have to go and clean off burrs and mould lines, but these should be things I can quickly paint up to build a force.

A Ulix crew (or at least the start of one) for Malifaux. This is the standard box set, plus The Sow, Old Cranky, and some Piglets. I want to eventually expand the crew (lots of pigs!), but this will be a good start. I really liked the models once they were built, with Old Cranky and his pipe probably being the fiddliest detail in the crew.

More Neverborn! The Sorrows will be added to Lilith's force, The Carver will join Pandora as a Killjoy proxy (I have a lot of things I want to add to Pandora's crew still), and the Primordial Magic will become the totem for my Crossroads Seven (If I ever get to playing them...)

The Guild! This Guild Guard has been sitting in a build pile for a while, and I figured I could build her late Friday night. Not so, as I lost her left hand after I dropped it. Saturday morning I found a left hand with pistol in the female RPG kit, so did a minor conversion, and was pretty happy with it!

Finally, I started trying to figure out some Guild Ball bases. The plan is to carve some flagstones into plasticard inserts first of all, and the marking were me planning the lines. I'm defiantly leaning towards a "less is more" tactic with them, but it's fun to figure that out.

That's about it! I have a few more things to build, so they should be up soon!


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