Things Get Painted - BINGO!

So, I'm going to blog about something, then you'll rarely see progress on it over the next few months.

Nothing new, right?

Anyway, at the start of the year, I was talking to two of my friends who had recently got back into painting. As a matter for motivation, a bingo challenge was suggested.

You've probably seen a few of these about. But between the three of us, a few different ideas were into the mix, and somewhere along the way titles were added.

No, the diorama one is not a typo. Think about it for a moment. Then wonder how that's related to dioramas...

So a few of my most recent projects have been related to this specifically. The orcs, the lynx, and terrain have all been related to this.

It's actually got me planning projects in advance, and looking forward to trying different things. I've also figured out a few ways to actually game the system as well :)

But how is it going, and has it interfered with my previous painting plan? OK, and somewhat. I'm definitely not getting through what I thought I would, which is interesting, a bit disappointing, but also motivating. And depending on what I pick, it slots in pretty well with current plans. The only downside is that some suggestions made at the time have lead to a "what were we thinking?" moment. Squares may be under review. Which isn't bad.

I mean, at least one of us didn't even know how to play bingo when we started this...


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