Things Get Painted - Winter Wolf

So, after prepping for cons, going to cons, prepping and going to the states, then catching up on things when I got back home, I finally got to finish something last night:

This is a Winter Wolf from Bones 3. You can probably see that it was a quick job, roughly drybrushed and based, and I didn't even clean the mold lines off it. But it was fun, and also made me want to paint my yetis.

I painted the exposed to of the base RMS Surf Aqua, then after adding some grass tufts, coated the base and some of the rock in a mix of Secret Weapon Realistic Water and old GW Snow powder. The aim was to get a melting snow look. Not perfect, but serviceable on the table top.

I want to experiment more with snow effects, but at the moment I feel the GW snow powder is not the way to go. I am look into other alternatives.

Next up, finishing this guy! I started both the wolf and ape while I was away for Gammacon before I went away, so I'm looking forward to finishing this one up as well, even if it is a quick job.


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