Malifaux Bases

I have a Pandora Crew box set for Malifaux which i am painting up. It was purchased mainly on the basis it has Baby Kade, Candy and Pandora. I wasn't too fussed about the Sorrows, although they still look like they will be pretty fun to paint. I decided i wanted some simple tiled bases for them as the Wyrd models tend not to need giant showy bases, and as they are going to be used in games, it quicker and simpler the better:

Well, that's what i thought. Turns out to cut the tiles bases for three bases, fit them, fill the gaps etc averaged out at about 30 mins each. I'm just happy at the moment as there are only 6 in a group, so i'm not going to have to do something the size of a Warhammer army with 1/2 an hour on each base.


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