Earth to Hell by Kylie Chan

When I was young(er), one of the things that stuck in my head was all the mythology stuff I used to read, and as well as that, the old TV show Monkey. About a year ago, I came across White Tiger, the first Kylie Chan book from the Dark Heavens trilogy in a book store. It looked good, had some interesting points on the back cover, and when I flicked through quickly (something I have to stop doing when book shopping) and saw words like 'sword', 'explode', 'demon', and realised this was a book I may enjoy. But I had no money, so I had to put it back.

I bought it somewhere around August though, and quickly went through the entire trilogy. Then I found out that there were two more trilogies planned with the same characters, and I started waiting for book 4 (Earth to Hell) to come out. Then I found out that not only was it being released before Christmas, but there was a signing at Parramatta at Infinitas Bookshop, which is where I found the original book. So I went and bought the book, got it signed (as well as the original three which I bought again to get signed while there), and after a few days, had finished the entire thing. Now I have to wait for book 5. Patiently. Oh dear.

This is a really fun book. For someone like me, who loves martial arts stories/mythology/good stories, this is perfect for me. The story picks up eight years after the end of the first trilogy ended, so all the characters have grown up a little bit, so you get the same characters with no need to be introduced to them and yet get to learn what has happened with them in the past few years. The story doesn't drag it's feet, but jumps right into the action, and one thing I really like about these books, the fight scenes don't get boring. I've read a few action books where the action scenes are either exciting but badly written, or well written and dragged out. Not these ones. If it needs to be a short fight scene, it's short. If not, it gets the right amount of time. It gets boring fast. But these are always good fight scenes, and not thrown in on the basis of "they haven't punched anything for the last two chapters".

I'll read this again and again for sure, although I'll probably buy another copy so I don't have to ruin the one i got signed by rereading it. :)


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