Random Thoughts 2 – A whole family of Time Lords?

Today I came across an article from The Sun (Here) that David Tennant and Georgia Moffett have got engaged. It is from The Sun (So with no official confirmation, it's probably got as much credibility at the moment as the results from a Large Hadron Collider I could build on my flat using toilet paper rolls), but if it is true, congratulations to both of them.

Either way, does this mean David Tennant officially wins the 'Living every Doctor Who fan's dream' award? From what I have read, he got into acting because he wanted to play Doctor Who (Mission accomplished). He then worked with the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison, who he has been quoted as saying is his favourite Doctor) and is no supposed to be engaged to Davison's daughter. He's also one of the fans favourite Doctors, and with the 50th anniversary on 2013, a lot of people believe he will come back to it in some way (Most likely as some sort of special). Does he get a trophy?

Also, if these two have a kid, would it be wrong to expect to see them in sci-fi shows later in life? Because I think a lot of fans would expect that if a child was born with a father and grandfather both having played The Doctor at some points in there career, the natural career path would be for the kid to play The Doctor at some point as well, right? Or maybe some other sci-fi series? Moffett's mother is the actress who played Trillian in the original Hitchhiker's Guide TV series, so sci-fi acting would be in their blood.


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