Aetherworks outhouse

I picked this up at MOAB as something that looked like a fun model, and it looked like something I could use the airbrush on. Plus, I don't have anywhere near enough terrain that looks decent, and this was going to take a few minutes to put together, so it was win-win all the way! The only thing I think I should have done differently was sand down the surfaces better and seal the wood. I used some rough sandpaper to sand down the wood when I filled the small gaps, and in some places the MDF was a bit rough. If I had spent a few minutes going over it with a fine grade of sandpaper and sealed the wood before I started painting it, it would have avoided the small rough patches that appear in a few places on the model. Other than that, I think it looks great. I had a small piece of plasticard that I used to base it as an afterthought, as the model looked a bit strange sitting without a base next to everything else.


  1. I think it looks fine as is, I mean it is an outhouse, so how clean and smooth is it going to be?


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