Dark Eldar Archon / Evil Space Elf Corsair

OK, so this guy is not really an Archon as much as an Evil Space Elf Corsair. He is for the GW North Sydney painting contest. I'll be honest; I wasn't looking forward to painting the Archon model, as even though it is a nice sculpt, it just didn't appeal to me. I had some spare parts from some Dark Elf Corsair models, and they fit together with this model pretty well. I used some close combat weapons for the arms with the chainmail covered up to form sleeves on the top of the arms, and covered up the gap at the front of the helmet to get a plain helmeted head on it. The beacon thing on the base was made using one of the Dark Eldar tank weapons topped with a pistol part. I twisted together some copper wire to make some barbed wire-ish parts to go on the bottom of the beacon. I'm not too sure what I was thinking for a lot of this model. I think a lot of it was fairly random...

I also did the blue armour with my airbrush. Because now I seem to look at every model and wonder what I can use the airbrush for...

Link to CMON


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