Sebastian - WIP and finished product

Again, this is another model that I finished ages ago, forgot to take photos of, and never posted. Big mess up on my part.

Anyway, this is Sebastian the Morgue Assistant from Wyrd. He was one of the first models I purchased from Wyrd (back in the days before they game with cards), and I always wanted to paint him, but never seemed to have the time to do so. I finally started painting him at the beginning of the year, and had a few starts and stops on him, including repainting the base colour of the robe at one point near the beginning. Initially I had a morgue style base done up for him - tiny (a few mm each) tiles in alternating shades of green with a drain full of blood, and a few blood splatters. I was rather pleased with it until I finished the model. I noticed that the base was warped slightly after having being painted so long ago. When I tried to take Sebastian off the base to fix it, I ripped the insert out and damaged it! Trying to get him finished ASAP, I opted to use an Aetherworks insert I had sitting on my desk at the time.

Anyway, I finally got him painted after a few false starts. Admittedly, he is rather fun to paint, and not overly complicated.

The WIP shots I took at the time:

So, a few more pictures than I took of Seamus...

But there is also a full picture as well!


The colour scheme I used was:

Base - Tallarn Flesh and Dheneb with a small dot of Gretchin Green
HL - Bleached Bone with a touch of Tallarn Flesh
S - Tallarn Flesh and Scorched Brown
HL - Bleached Bone and Skull White
S - Tallarn Flesh, Scorched Brown, and Chaos Black (1:1:1)
Glaze - Scab Red
Glaze - Regal Blue
Glaze - Scab Red, Regal Blue, and Chaos Black (1:1:1)

Base - VMC Red Leather
Wash - Devlan Mud
HL - VMC Red Leather
HL - VMC Red Leather and Bleached Bone
HL - Bleached Bone
HL - Menoth White
Wash - Ogryn Flesh

Base - Astronomican Grey with a touch of Hawk Turquoise
S - Astronomican Grey and Hawk Turquoise
HL - Kommando Khaki
S - Hawk Turquoise, Scorched Brown and Chaos Black (2:1:1)

Base - Charadon Granite and Scorched Brown
Stippled with Scorched Brown, Codex Grey, Tanned Flesh, and Ice Blue
Wash - Devlan Mud
S - Regal Blue and Chaos Black
Scratches - Scorched Brown and Chaos Black
HL (Including scratches) - Scorched Brown and Elf Flesh

Black Straps:
Base - Kommando Khaki and Chaos Black
HL - Kommando Khaki and Chaos Black (3:1)
HL - Kommando Khaki
S - Chaos Black and VMC Violet Red (2:1)
Wash: Badab Black

Powersaw and Backpack:
Base - Macharius Solar Orange
S - Bestial Brown
S - Regal Blue and Chaos Black
HL - Bronzed Flesh

Base - Dwarf Bronze and Scorched Brown
HL - Dwarf Bronze
Wash - Devlan Mud
HL - Dwarf Bronze and Mithril Silver
HL - Mithril Silver
Wash - Devlan Mud

Base: Mithril Silver
Glazes - Snakebite Leather, Scab Red, Chaos Black
Scratches - Scorched Brown and Chaos Black
HL - Mithril Silver

Flagstone Base:
Base - Charadon Granite
Stipple - Dwarf Flesh, Khemri Brown, and Astronomican Grey
Glazes - Orkhide Shade, Regal Blue

Oil Washes:
Flagstones - Raw Umber
Sawblade - Raw Umber and Black
Robes - Pthalo Blue and Black


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