The dice are evil... and must be punished!

The last few games of Dnd I have played, my dice have failed me during crucial checks. I bought new dice to try to counter this, but still thought that the other dice had got off rather easily...

...Which is why I decided to punish the old ones as a demonstration to the new ones!

(Cue maniacal laughter)

A friend had suggested burning sage near them in an effort to smoke anything bad off them (To clear any negative energy off them (Honest, See?!). I had my heart set on some kind of cleansing fire as well. I had a little time to spare the other day, so decided to finally show the new dice what happens to dice that misbehave...

I put some sage in a little metal eggcup I found underneath a steaming rack. Technically, I think this is meant to be white sage, but considering how hard it was to find sage *not* in powdered form in the supermarket, I was happy to settle with the crushed stuff I got my hands on. I laid the dice out, and set fire to the sage as best I could:

The pyromaniac in me failed a little bit. Not enough variety of dry stuff for my liking...

I then tried lighting a few that had really angered me:

Granted, it's not too visible, but there was a nice blue flame from the rubbing alcohol flickering around this for a while :D
Later, I gave up and used some hobby glue (It seemed appropriate) to light the number '1' on fire so that it knew *exactly* why I was angry.

Finally, I decided that boiling them for a while would be a good way to draw this out a bit.

In the end, they boiled for about 10 minutes. I guess if there is a positive side to this, it is that the Chessex dice didn't deform at all after all of this...


  1. I haven't found out yet. Since this happened I haven't had a game of D&D. I'll have to put an update through when I do have a game.


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