My plans for Golden Demon 2011

By the time I get this posted (These are all being scheduled beforehand), I'll hopefully be very close to having my first model for Golden Demon finished. However before I forget to make a list of these things, I'm going to get it posted somewhere so that I can be held to task.

This year I'm aiming to finish some projects that have been floating around as planned entries for the past few years. The three main ones I want to get finished are my single model entries, but I also have two units I want to do up as well...

WFB Single - Dark Elf Dreadlord
As much as I dislike a lot of the Dark Elf models in the past that GW did in terms of what can be done painting wise on them, I really like this model. Having said that, I'm a sucker for dragons, and he has a pet one. I want a pet dragon! The closest I am probably going to get is painting this though. From the pose, I imagined him standing on a cliff looking down, so I have made a plinth like base for him to stand on. Originally there was a bigger base for him, but last year a new one was made; smaller, and it framed the model a lot better I think.

LOTR Single - Eowyn
I love the Heroes of Helms Deep Eowyn model, and it seems to be one that a lot of people paint up with good results. A few years ago, a friend got a box set for me (They weren't available anymore) so that I could get my hands on the model. In honesty, I still have no idea how to base this model. I want something that reminds people of the movie, but on a 25mm base, I'm still trying to come up with a good idea that hasn't been done yet after all these years.

Lost Demon - Space Ork from the old boxed game
Lost Demon is a category for Australia where only older models are entered (I think anything before 1999 is allowed). Last year, one of the guys at work gave me a box of models, and included in it were a bunch of the old plastic Orks from the 40K boxed set (I think it was 2nd edition - The one with the Dark Millennium expansion). Considering I have other Ork projects in the works this year, and greenskins are probably my strongest option (Considering how many I have painted over the years) I'm going to do him up on a little tech base. He is one I am looking forward to just for the sheer retro feel of it. I painted up a few in high school for friends, but never painted one for myself, so I'm looking forward to it.

40K Large - Ork in Mega Armour
This is one I have the base done for, but the model needs to be stripped back, reconverted, and started anew. He's going to match my other Ork entries as well. The one thing I need to do is change the gun on his right arm to be one that uses bullets, as it was pointed out when I first started him that the grot in his backpack was sorting bullets, but he only had a powersaw and rocket launcher. The new Ork will be tooled up with a new saw (From the Ork Nob set) as well as a big gun.

40K Unit - Ork Nobz
The plastic Ork Nob set looked pretty cool when it came out, and I grabbed one hoping to use it in an army. Seeing as I don't really do armies now, I'm using it for a GD entry. A few of them have been cleaned up in my lunch break at work, but I still have a lot more to do on them. One of them will also be converted into a Painboy, so I'll get a chance to mess around with ideas for a Doc conversion. Another thing is that the Orks don't need to be armed the same, so I can throw a few different weapons in there. I've opted to not put in the Big Shootas as I don't like them as much as the other options. Also, I have two old Ork Nob bodies with metal heads, so those will be added in to bump the unit up to seven plus an ammo runt.

WFB - Khorne Chaos Knights
Finally, I have these guys. The models are giant horses with giant Knights on them, and loads of spiky weapons. They have a host of cool details moulded on, and I get to do some battle damage on them. The one thing I want to do is either a cracked earth base (Like a desert wasteland kind of thing) that stretches among them all, or a cliff face, so they are raised at the front and looking down. I'm still trying to figure out how I will do either of these, but in both cases it will mean either filling in the edge of the base, or covering the edge of the base up when they are all ranked up to each other. I have a few ideas to throw around, but for now I'm keeping them to myself and my dwindling sanity...

So that's the plan for this year. Six entries. Granted, one of two might be put on hold for later years, but hopefully I can get these done!


  1. Good luck sir, sounds like a full plate to me!

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping that it will all go OK. At the moment I think I can do it. Only time will tell though.


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