Eureka Frogs - Work in progress photos

OK, these are some work in progress shots of my Eureka frog troops. I posted one of these a while ago which was done up a bit like a test subject. I had a good idea of what I wanted them to look like, but needed to make sure that I could get them done properly.

The main thing I did differently with these was that when I airbrushed them, I did different areas of them in different layers, masking them as I went. So I did them red/brown area on the back, and masked it off in dots. I then airbrushed the bellies, masked them off, and did the rest of the skin. Once finished, I peeled off the liquid latex mask that I had put down to leave the green skin with the darker dots on the back and pale bellies, but without having to carefully layer up each colour and fix up mistakes.

Once the main colours were done, I just had to finish off the smaller details, which on these models were mainly the hammers, the webs on the toes, and the eyes. On a few of the 'higher ranking' miniatures, there are extra details, but the main areas can be done pretty quickly. One weird thing after all of these years playing Warhammer is that the I find it a bit strange painting a group of models with more than three 'command' models in it. This group had four models armed differently to the rest, so it did mean that I had to remember to paint the *four* models with details, not the usual three. At the end of it all, I ranked them all up on a movement tray from Aetherworks:

The bases were done with a mix of a few different textures, including Vallejo pumice paste, beach sand, and the stuff from inside a water filter (That stuff, I think it's carbon, has some interesting shapes in it). As a last minute thought I threw in a few bits of spongy flock to add some other textures in there. Once done and painted up, I put some oregano leaves onto the bases and tray and painted them up. In the end, I had a nice little display unit of frogs!


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