Things Get Painted - WIP - Moonlighting

A few quick snaps of the McMourning crew. I want to get more used to doing a bit more painting each night so I can start spending more time at the desk. All the models were under coated white so that I could start on the bases tonight. Because I was using dry rushing there, this meant I didn't have to be bothered with accuracy later on in the job.

The bases were flooded with brown ink, and while they were still wet there as a dark tone applied to the back, and a yellow applied to the front. Even once it's dry rushed, it gives a really subtle impression of the front and back of the base. The stones were blocked in, given a few washes, and stippled with line highlights to complete them. The final stage of the painting will be the black base edge, and after a varnish I'll do some grass tufts.

Finally, I did the skin base coat with Reaper Fair Shadow. I want a pale skin on the models, and the strange thing is that there isn't that much flesh on the models apart from the Flesh Construct. Even the nurses are covered up to a large degree.

Oh well, the painting continues...


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