Things Get Painted - Reaper Bones

So, a quick update.ive been painting some bones minis recently. Nothing special, but just trying to get some cleared from my backlog, as well as getting them more useable for DnD. A few weeks ago, the reaper miniatures Facebook group had a tip in there about freezing bones models to make them a bit more brittle temporarily, and then using that opportunity to remove mould lines. They also suggested using a GW Seam scraper to remove the lines.

A friend of mine tried it last week, and the results were really good. I tried it without the scraper the other day and was impressed. So when I got my hands on one of them tonight and gave it a go, I was really happy!

Three minis: a warlock, wood elf, and ghast, all cleaned in about half an hour. They will be used in the next band of bakers game. Easily the best experience I have had cleaning minis in a long time. I also painted the Minotaur of the weekend. Not too impressive, but better than bare plastic. Mainly it was done using Reaper paints, but I did use some secret weapon washes during the process to add some block shading.

I'm keen to try the scraper on other items like restic now. I've sadly heard the tool isn't much use on GW plastics, but I'll try it out on a few things and see how it goes anyway. It's just a bit annoying it isn't too ompatible with the only models GW seem to think exist in the market. Still, it's worth testing out.


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