Things Get Painted - WIP - Chaos Warrior from a long forgotten time.

I've started some challenges on the OzPainters forum, and this month the challenge is to paint red. Just after it started (yeah, I picked a topic with no specific target for myself, which was fun) I realised I had picked up a classic chaos warrior at a bring and buy (possibly last years EucBowl).

Chaos Warriors are red, because the only God worth following is Khorne. Right?

Part of the fun has been flipping this guy over to find he is only two years younger than me. Potentially we were both in the UK at the same time, making our seperate ways here, on,y to meet nearly thirty years later. But that meant something else as well...

The top right are metal filings from a Privateer Press model I'm working on at the moment. The bottom left, you may notice is a duller grey colour. This model contains lead. That's a blast from the past.

I built the base up using my usual tricks, and gave him a white undercoat to prep him for painting on Sunday.

As you might be able to tell, the colour palette is strongly influenced by my memory of the Chaos Warriors in the starter paint kits. I'll redo some parts on this guy, and should finish him next Saturday at the Penrith paint day.

What did everyone else work on this weekend?


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