Things Get Painted - Dragons and Dirigibles

I'll make this quick...

Oh, dragons! Oh, dirigibles! 

These are models from the Dreadfleet set that GW released a few years ago. Each set comes with one of each...

Yeah, I bought two copies of Dreadfleet... But the second time was mainly for the ocean mat to use for Dystopian Wars, I swear!

These are actually pretty fun to paint. The dirigibles are painted with dry rush and wash metallics, and the green and gold from my usual Dwarf army scheme. The dragons were painted with washes and dry rushes on the bodies, but layering on the wings and claws, which take up more room than the bodies at the end of the day. The ocean was painted to match my Dystopian Wars ships, which will also, eventually, match my Dreadfleet ships.

So why did I paint them? Well, I wanted a quick project. These are fun, and apart from forgetting some paints, done in an afternoon painting meet up. The White Dragon and a Dirigible did briefly make their way onto a DnD table a few weeks ago as reference points, but for now they are content to sit in my cabinet.


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