From The Vaults - Counters and Cards

As a note, this post will have very little in the way of hobby-nutritional value. But it's a skip down memory lane, which is always fun. Well, not always, but this time it was!

I'm cleaning some things up at the moment to figure out where I've out most of my stuff. A few months ago I emptied a deteriorating plastic box from a bargain store into a Sistema container. The original box was thrown out, and the new one was pushed to a corner, having "cards and stuff" in it. I went to put it somewhere better earlier tonight, and realised it contains most of the counters and templates from my early gaming days!

While not totally drowned in 90's nostalgia, it does have a few interesting memories in here. There are some newer plastic templates, as a believe after a while the box was a storage container for any template for GW that I got my hands on.

Epic tokens! Also some 40k ones from White Dwarf, but mainly Epic! I remember carefully sitting and putting clear contact over the status counters for Epic to keep them as safe as possible. These are from the Space Marine game. Around 1996 a store was clearing stock out, and I got the entire game for $10! Hundreds of tiny models, and in all honesty, I really loved the game. I'm probably withal on the 40k of the time, but Epic was fantastic as far as I was concerned. It's actually one of the systems I still keep an eye out for at bring and buys, due to my collection from my teen years being composed of the core box and nothing else.

I mean, I picked up a Squat army a few years ago, how cool is that?

Battle Magic templates! The Foot of Gork was one I always tried to get to work, but never could. It wasn't till I was in my twenties that I saw that spell go off fully, and I was disappointed that it just did dive damage, not template damage :(

I believe this also has templates for some Skaven gas weapons as well as the Purple Sun. Battle Magic and Arcane Magic are still in the cupboard somewhere. I should probably dig them out as some point.

Back to Epic! Force organisation cards were great for picking armies. I have a memory of spending hours prepping a Fantasy list to use against a friend, and then at the end of the day we spent twenty minutes to pick our forces for Epic. Points value, formation, and special rules, all on a tiny card. It's probably why things like Malifaux bring back good memories when I need to pick forces. Just flick the cards out and figure it out from there.

Magic counters! If I recall, these were actually from the Arcane Magic expansion for 4th edition. They were used to track which wizard knew which spell, and a few other counters for spells like the Comet (of Casandora?) and tracking Skaven warp stone. I never had much use for these, as I played a lot of goblins, so the shaman's heads used to pop pretty early on.

Finally, Grom! If you never saw it, 4th edition Warhammer had a nice way to avoid putting huge kits in the core box, which was a set of card stand ins for the big things on each side of the table. Green skins got this guy as well as a few others, and Grom was instantly one of my favourite generals. I was lucky enough to finally get a copy of the original kit last year or the year before, and I grabbed some complete wolves at Gencon last year to make sure I had wolves with tails drawing the giant chariot!

So that's my Oldhammer haul for the night! Now I've got it, I think I need to crack open some Epic stuff in the near future... Hmm...


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