Things Get Built - Sedition Wars Strain

Several years ago, a friend offered me a chance to piggyback on a Kickstarter he was getting in on. The Kickstarter was Sedition Wars, and it was a combination of Studio McVey models, who I was already a fan of, and CMON, who were riding high after their success of Zombicide. 

...Yes, for those of you who haven't realised it yet, this blog post takes place in the long ago, when there was only one Zombicide, and Kickstarters were still a new thing which people had not yet fully discovered the uses of. 

I pledged with my friend, added in some extra bits, and enjoyed watching the campaign grow and expand, especially in the final few hours of the campaign as stretch goals seemed to get right out of hand. For you see, dear reader, these were the halcyon days of Kickstarter, when backing a board game meant you got ten of everything you would have got anyway, and people complained when it didn't turn up a week after funding. 

...Oh wait, that still happens...

Anyway, a few weeks ago I stumbled across the reprinted rulebook that had appeared at a later point in second wave of the pledge manager. I put it to the side to reunite with the boxed game, and wondered when I would get around to playing it. Because even after several years, I had yet to assemble any minis from the kit, or learn the rules. 

Just like all Kickstarter games of the time, really...

Then, a few weeks before I went on leave, I was talking to a few friends who were also in the Kickstarter. We floated the idea that the models could be at least built and played with. I had done something similar with my first edition Super Dungeon Explore a few months before, so why not this? I wasn't in a rush to paint them, so I set out to assemble them quickly, and not being fussed about mould lines. I reasoned I could get them pulled apart and cleaned later if I needed. 

So armed with some clippers, knife, superglue, accelerant, and Netflix Daredevil, I set about building a box and more of Sedition Wars!

Now, this stuff is restic, and has some nasty injection points. However, with a few quick clips and knife strikes, you can get them in enough of a state to assemble. My main objective was to open a bag a night and build what I found. Above are my efforts from two bags (There were some of the good guys there as well), so a lot of witches, Cthonians, and Brimstones, bulking out the major big bads. This got me in a mood to continue to the smaller guys. I'll just dump those models onto a tray table...


Okay, this might not be as bad as it initially seems. Some friendly people on BoardGameGeek had made some PDFs showing how to assemble all of the models, and had also pointed out that 3 out of 4 sculpts were single piece models, and that the other sculpt just had two pieces. Time to sort!

That was... surprisingly quick! So this was actually a good motivator. To assemble to a play-ready state, I just had to pick a group, grab the required number of bases, and...

Glue them down! Are those done, and the accelerant set? Cool! Next group!

At this point, I was starting to collect enough hideous, mindless drones, I could form my own political party! Best keep going then!

And like that, the Strain was done! All in all, it's an impressive bulk of models, and they are quite sturdy once they are all attached. Next post: The Good Guys!


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